Placement Assistance Attorneys in El Paso, Texas

Often, a person with mental and or physical incapacities has difficulty finding long-term housing. In addition, these clients may require short-term placement in a medical facility, like a nursing home or a psychiatric center, before they can return home. Our law firm specializes in these placement issues.

Ms. Allala focuses her practice on assisting families with finding the right placement for their loved ones needing care. She takes only select cases so that she can be available to assist you in an emergency. We help you navigate the complications that come from incapacity, family needs, financial and benefits limitations, and we make sure you get the very best long-term and short-term placement possible. We also assist with ensuring that family members are not wrongly discharged from facilities, working with the facilities to ensure a well-thought-out care plan is in place for your loved one. You have rights, we just help you access them.