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El Paso Probate Lawyers

Guiding Executors Through the Estate Administration Process

If you have been named as the executor of a loved one's estate, or if a family member has died without a will, you may need to go to court to administer the estate. An experienced lawyer can advise you on the process and represent you in any court proceedings.

At the law firm of Stephanie Townsend Allala + Associates, our El Paso probate attorneys assist clients throughout West Texas with the estate administration process. We are committed to provide personal attention at what is always an emotional time for our clients.

Taking the Necessary Steps to Close the Estate in a Timely Manner

Probate, also known as estate administration, is the process of wrapping up the affairs of someone who has died. This is done in probate court under the supervision of a judge, who appoints a personal representative (executor) to complete tasks such as the following:

  • Proving the validity of the will, if there is one
  • Paying all valid bills and debts that are still outstanding
  • Accounting for the deceased person's property
  • Distributing personal property to the intended recipients
  • Distributing all other assets among the beneficiaries or heirs
  • Filing an estate tax return and paying any tax that is due

Our attorneys assist clients with all aspects of this process so that they do not have to worry about complex legal issues at such a difficult time. We are completely familiar with the probate process in Texas and prepared to resolve any complications that may arise.

Probate Administration Attorneys · Midland, Odessa, Lubbock · 915-257-0420

Our goal in any probate matter is to conclude the case as promptly as possible while ensuring that everything that needs to be done gets done in a timely manner. To discuss how we can assist you, please contact us at 915-257-0420 or by e-mail for a free half-hour consultation.

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