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El Paso Nursing Home Advocacy Lawyers

Overcoming Serious Challenges to Get Clients the Results They Deserve

Navigating the nursing care system in Texas can be extremely frustrating. People who need to go into nursing homes have many legal options, but all too often, the pitfalls of the system mean their loved ones end up caring for them on their own or paying for care out of pocket.

It does not have to be this way. At Stephanie Townsend Allala + Associates, our El Paso nursing home advocacy attorneys are committed to cutting through the red tape and helping clients get access to the nursing care services they need and are legally entitled to receive.

Protecting Clients' Rights Within the Texas Nursing Care System

If you have met the eligibility requirements for Medicaid, veterans benefits or other government nursing care benefits, you have rights, and we can help you protect those rights. Our lawyers advocate for clients facing a wide range of nursing home issues, including:

  • People who have been turned away from nursing homes because their medical records inaccurately state that they have violent tendencies or other disqualifying factors
  • People who have been inappropriately discharged from hospitals without care plan meetings and without meeting one of the seven legal criteria for a discharge
  • People who have been threatened with being cut off by Medicare or Medicaid because they have allegedly failed to cooperate with physical therapy or other treatments
  • People who are simply not being treated the way they should be treated.

Situations like these can be extremely frustrating, especially when answers come in obscure acronyms and jargon. We understand the system, and we can use our experience to guide you through it and help you get results.

Over the years, we have learned that we can do as much or more for our clients by using administrative and regulatory mechanisms than by filing lawsuits. And nursing homes and hospitals have learned that we know how to use all elements of the system to protect our clients' rights.

Nursing Care Attorneys · Midland, Odessa, Lubbock · 915-257-0420

If your parent, your spouse or another loved one needs to get into a good nursing home or is having any other trouble with a nursing home, our attorneys can help. To schedule a free half-hour consultation to discuss your case, please contact us at 915-257-0420 or by e-mail.

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