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El Paso Public Benefits Lawyers

Helping Clients in West Texas Get Access to Benefits and Services

Once you have qualified for a public benefits program such as Medicaid or Social Security, you may think the hard part is over. But in many cases, actually obtaining and maintaining the benefits and services you are legally entitled to can be far more difficult than qualifying in the first place.

At Stephanie Townsend Allala + Associates, we are committed to helping our clients locate and access the benefits that are available to them under Texas and federal law. Our El Paso public benefits attorneys serve as advocates for clients throughout West Texas.

Understanding the Law and Guiding Clients Through the System

While some public benefits programs provide cash payments, many people who apply for public benefits do so primarily to get access to medical and personal care services. Our firm helps clients access the services they are entitled to under many different programs, including:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Social Security
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Veterans Affairs (VA)

All of these programs are governed by federal law, but many services are administered by the states. For example, in Texas, there are currently 42 types of Medicaid benefits, 10 of which exist under waivers that the state has been granted exempting it from certain federal laws.

Our attorneys know the system and are prepared to guide clients through it toward the results they need and deserve. We also help clients qualify for income-contingent public benefits by assisting them with Medicaid planning and Social Security and Medicaid spend-downs.

West Texas Attorneys · Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security · 915-257-0420

Texas has one of the most convoluted public benefits systems in the country. Whether you need to get a loved one into a nursing home, make your home disability-accessible, get access to home health care or access any other public benefit, you will need skilled guidance.

Our experienced lawyers are dedicated to helping clients take full advantage of the benefits they are entitled to. To schedule a free half-hour consultation to discuss what we can do to meet your needs, please contact our office today at 915-257-0420 or by e-mail.

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